ISIC Germany

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic ISIC belongs to the student life like bread, air and water. In addition to the national exclusive benefits, there were many local offerings, which make the International Student Identity Card in the Czech Republic so popular.

Cardholders of ISIC, ITIC and IYTC are everywhere welcome in the Czech Republic. That´s the reason why nine out of ten students use the ISIC benefits.From the small corner shop to national stores and international chains you get with ISIC many different discounts.

The most popular benefits in the Czech Republic are:

several discounted menus, burger and drinks                          
McDonals's at

The City of Prague Museum
50% disocunt on the entrance
City of Prague Museum at

Regio Jet
10% reduction on tickets
Regio Jet at


Special menus
KFC at


Free upgrade on the next size
Starbucks at

International benefits

The linked pages are usually not in German language. Also not all have English language content .

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