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Where can I purchase the ISIC?
You can purchase your card online or in one of our many issuing offices worldwide.
Search for your local issuing office online. Please remember to take along all the necessary documents needed for your card to prove your student status and identity, as well as a recent passport photograph of yourself
I am enrolled but have been granted leave of absence. Can I get the ISIC?
Yes! As long as you are enrolled you have the student status which is the precondition to get your ISIC.
I am a student at an university abroad. Can I get the ISIC in Germany?
Yes, but please make sure you provide all necessary document in German or English.
I am a Ph.D. student. Can I get the ISIC?
Yes! As long as you are enrolled as a full-time student at university you can get the ISIC.
I am a trainee teacher/, am I entitled to receive an ISIC?
Yes, the traineeship is part of the two-phase academic education.
I am doing a social year and would like to apply for the ISIC - am I entitled?
No, because it is not a vocational training, which ends with a recognized degree.
I am a student at a language school. Can I get an ISIC?
No, sorry! Since the langange school is no official secondary/ tertiary education or anything comparable.
Is there an age limit for the ISIC?
No! Students at a mimimum age of 12 year can get the ISIC.
How long does it take to get an ISIC in a issuing office?
Generally the card will be issued right away. For detailed conditions please ask your issuing office.
Do I need a biometric photo?
No, this is not necessary. Just provide a passport photo or a colour photo in passport quality.
How long is the card valid?
The card is valid for one year.
The validity starts with the date of application.
Can I renew my card?
A renewal of the ISIC card is normally not possible. When the card is expired, you have to apply for a new one. It might be possible to renew your card at the same issuing office where you've purchased the ISIC in the first place though.
I lost my card, what should I do?
Generally, ISIC cards are non-refundable and non-transferable so you will need to purchase 10 € (+ 1,50 € for shipping) for a new card. Please notice that only cards, that had been purchased in Germany in the first place, can be replaced.
When can I purchase the new ISIC?
You can purchase the card whenever you like. You just need a valid proof of student status. After issuance the ISIC is valid for 1 year.
What is the ISIC app?
With the ISIC app you discover thousands of ISIC discounts on your smartphone. With the virtual student id you can verify your student status and redeem offers instantly.

ISIC App: Why am I not able to sign-up?
There can be several reasons why you may not be able sign up:

- The ISIC central office has not received your card details yet and therefore your card has not been activated yet for online use
- Your ISIC serial number has been incorrectly inserted
- Your name on the card has been incorrectly inserted
- Your card has expired

- Check your card has been activated for online use by following this link:
- Double check you have inserted the right card credentials.
- If you are still incurring problems, please contact

ISIC App: Why have I not received the activation email?
There can be several reasons why you did not receive an activation email:

- There was a typo in the email address when you registered on the app
- The automated activation email message was caught by your spam filter
- Your email provider might have blocked the automated email message

Here’s what you can do:

- Check your spam or junk mail folder for an email from
- Add to your email contacts or approved senders list
- If you are still incurring problems, please contact

ISIC App: I cannot log-in to the app, what can I do?
There can be several reasons why you can’t log in to the ISIC global App

- You have tried you log-in with incorrect details
- There is a problem with your account
- You are using an ISIC profile that is not accepted

Here’s what you can do:
- Ensure you have created an ISIC global App profile (See sign-up instructions within the ISIC global App)
- If you are still incurring problems, please contact

ISIC App: Which mobile devices are compatible with the app?
Currently the following devices are supported:

- Android smartphones
Android OS 4.4 and higher

- iPhones
IOS 8.0 and higher

For those users that do not have the above mobile devices please visit the mobile website

ISIC App: Can I upload or change my photo in the app?
When we don’t have a photo on file, you can upload a photo to your virtual ID via the App. Go via the menu to your profile screen and upload an image for use on your virtual ID. Please ensure you upload a passport style, headshot photo.

It is possible to change your photo in the ISIC global app. You can request to have your photo removed at by providing your card number and reason for photo removal. After we have removed your photo you can upload a new photo to your virtual card.

Your photo can be removed by the ISIC global office if your profile image doesn’t include your likeness or is not headshot photo.

ISIC App: How do I update my ID?
The update ID function is only visible for logged-in users, with a virtual ID that expires in 30 days.
Once you’ve renewed your card at your local ISIC issuer, simply use this function in our app to update your account to your new ISIC cardnumber. This way your existing account will continue, and you don’t have to sign-up again!
How to find the update ID button:
1. Click the three stripes in the top left corner
2. Click Profile
3. Here the Update ID will be visible under your profile picture.
After clicking the Update ID function, you’ll be able to fill in your new cardnumber, and done! Your virtual ID is updated to your new cardnumber.
ISIC App: My app is in the wrong language, what do I do?
The language the app selects is based on your phone settings. It looks at the priority list, and selects the highest option that our app is available in. For example if your app shows in Japanese, this simply means that the Japanese language is higher on the language-priority list then English.
This can be solved by following these steps:
1. Go to your Phone Settings Menu and find Language and Region
2. In the Language and Region screen, press Edit top right
3. In the Preferred Language Order, please check if the English Language is placed above the Japanese Language. If not, please drag English on top of Japanese
4. Press Done and Restart the ISIC app.
1. Go to your Phone Settings Menu and find Language and input
2. In the Language and input screen, press languages
3. In the preferred language order, please check if English is displayed higher on the list than Japanese. If not, please drag English on top of Japanese.
4. Done! Now restart the app, and you’re ready to go.
ISIC discount: I want to use a discount. An error message appears when I enter my data for verification. What can I do now?
Wrong security code? Card expired? Is the data incorrect? The error message tells you exactly what went wrong. If the message appears that one of your details is incorrect, check if you have entered all the data correctly and that no errors have crept in and try again. Enter the name and card number exactly as it appears on the card. Don't forget the letters of the card number.
ISIC discount: The verification worked, but why am I not receiving the coupon code email?
It may take up to 30 minutes to send the email with the voucher code. Still not there? Please check whether the email has accidentally landed in your spam folder. Then add the email address to your address book so that you can avoid this in the future. Your spam folder is also empty? Maybe a typo has crept into your email address. Happens. Just try again. If it still doesn't work, send us an email and we will help you.

Contact form

ISIC discount: The coupon code I received does not work! What now?
Have a closer look at the page and check the offer conditions to find out what could be the problem:

- Does the discount not apply in combination with other promotions?
- Can the voucher only be redeemed in the app? Or only online?
- Are certain brands excluded?
- Is there a minimum order value?
- Have the codes expired?
- Does the offer only apply to new customers?
ISIC discount: I saw too late that ISIC also offers a discount on XY. Can I have the discount offset afterwards?
Unfortunately, subsequent offsetting is not possible. Please inform yourself in advance on our site which current discounts we offer.
ISIC discount: Why is the discount I saw some time ago no longer online?
It is quite possible that you saw a discount on our site some time ago, which you can no longer find. Many of our benefits are limited in time or are exchanged.
You can find all current discounts on our website. Do you miss a discount? Then the cooperation expired unfortunately. But it is worthwhile to stop by every now and then.
Let us know your discount and we'll see what we can do.

Miss a discount?

ISIC discount: I have questions about an offer that I would like to take advantage of with the ISIC discount. Who can help me?
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about redeeming the discount. If you have any questions about specific products or offers from the manufacturer or provider, please contact them directly, as we do not provide advice on behalf of our partners. The provider of course knows his range better than we do.
ISIC discount: I bought / booked / ordered something with an ISIC discount and now have questions about the product / service. Who is my contact person?
At ISIC we have no insight into bookings or orders that you have made with our partners. Please contact the company concerned directly. If you get stuck we can of course try to help.
ISIC discount: I have problems using a discount abroad. Can you help?
Yes of course! If our team in Germany cannot help directly, we will contact our ISIC colleagues in the respective country. Unfortunately, with over 150,000 discounts in over 125 countries, we cannot know all of them in detail. Therefore, we would like to ask you to submit your request using our contact form: Your request will then be forwarded directly to the responsible ISIC office.
ISIC discount: I am told that there is no discount at all, even though it is on the ISIC website. What can I do?
You may have come across an employee who was not informed that their company is granting an ISIC discount. It can be helpful to show the website once with the discount and, if necessary, to ask once. If the discount is still not granted, please let us know. We will then get in touch with the company and check what went wrong.
Important: Please do not conclude any contracts "like it is now" - afterwards the discounts can no longer be granted. This also applies to the consumption of things (e.g. in a restaurant or at a petrol station) - please always ask whether the discount will be granted before you claim goods.
ISIC discount: Do you have a question or comment?
Read all the questions and still not smarter? Feel free to write us a message!