Surfer’s Paradise

Save 13% at Surfer's Paradise with ISIC/ ITIC/ IYTC

Experience the feeling of watersports in its most beautiful way – in world´s first  VDWS kiteschool.
At Surfer's Paradise ,they offer you the best spots for learning kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling in Germany and Denmark. Since 1998 they are teaching watersports lessons highly successful all around our watersports-center in Europe.
What makes their spots so unique? At all of their watersport-center you will find waist-deep water and mainly perfect wind-conditions, what makes it easy for beginners and intermediates to learn a new sport or develop skills. For starting a course at Surfers Paradise, you don´t need prior knowledge of the chosen sport.
You will be taught in small groups of students. This makes it possible to offer you a maximum time of practical training. Together with dedicated and well educated watersport-instructors you will immediately be fascinated by your new watersport. At Surfers Paradise, they place importance on safety, fun and basic training, to provide a basis for a deep learning curve. Have an experience, quality of service, continuous support and friendly personal approach makes them stand out from the competition.

With ISIC/ ITIC / IYTC you get 13% discount off all group courses for kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling in Kiel, at Steinhuder Meer and Kegnaes (Denmark).
A reservation is required. The offer can not be combined with other offers.

Get in contact with Surfer's Paradise here online, to experience a memorable time and unforgettable impressions!

The general terms and conditions of payment of the respective provider apply in this case.


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