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Postando: 50 % discount on postcards

Send your photos as a postcard

ISIC Postando 600x400

Send your own photos as a REAL postcard in the mailbox of your loved one. With the code: "ISIC" you save 50% on your personal postcards. Whether for a birthday, as an invitation card or quite classically as a holiday card, the joy of the recipient is certain to you.

1. Download Postando App (via App Store or Google Play)
2. Choose the desired format of the Postando postcard
3. Use your own photo (s) or one or more of the numerous templates
4. Write a personal message
5. Select receiver
6. Check front and back
7. Enter and send coupon code before paying
8. Postando postcard will be sent.


Your ISIC-offer 

ISIC, ITIC or ITYC cardholders save 50 % on their personal postcards. Verify your ISIC here to get the discount code!

Don't have an ISIC yet? Get your card here.

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