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PirateRock: 2 EUR Rabatt im Hochseilgarten

Der Kletterspaß in Isernhagen bei Hannover.

At PirateRock in Isernhagen near Hannover agreat adventure location awaits you: a high-rope park looking like a pirate ship! Three different courses in different levels of difficulty give climbing enthusiasts ample occasion to swing themselves about from rope to rope and to climb masts. There is something for everybody, young and old, experienced climbers or complete beginners. The climbing adventrues are preceded by a thorough security briefing by experienced members of the pirate crew.

The easy parcours offers new climbers the possibility to make their first steps as climbers. The highlight of this parcours is a 140m long rope slide! The intermediate parcours contains eight climbing elements to be conquered. A security vessel and rappel wall grant a piraty ambiance. The difficult parcours is ideal for experienced climbers who want to jump, climb and balance over nets and tree trunks in heights up to eleven meters. At PirateRock children from the age of 8 are allowed to climb without supervision from their parents. The security system is comprised of two interconnected carbines, which can never be opened simultaneously, guaranteeing safe handling.

Get 2EUR off the entrance fee with your ISIC, ITIC or IYTC. Just show your card during purchase of the ticket.

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