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Free 30-day trial or very low academic prices on 6 and 12 month rentals


Minitab is the leading statistical software used in education worldwide. Minitab 17 contains all the methods that makes it simple for students to understand statistical concepts and analyze data.

Easy to use - Minitab has a highly intuitive interface designed to complement how people learn statistics.

Comprehensive - Minitab contains a complete set of sound, peer-reviewed methods; you do not need to buy, learn, or maintain separate add-ins or modules.

Compatible with any curriculum - The organization of statistics and graphs in Minitab parallels the approach used in virtually all leading textbooks.

Widely used in business and industry - Students who learn statistics with Minitab acquire real-world skills employers want. Thousands of companies in more than 100 countries use Minitab, and they recruit graduates who do, too.


ISIC cardholders get reduced prices on following Minitab products:

Quality Companion 3


ISIC cardholders get free 30-day trial or very low academic prices on 6 and 12 month rentals.

More Information about this products you can get here.

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