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Illuminati Escape: 10 EUR discount per mission

Fight against the old secret society Illuminati.

Illuminati Microsite

Together with your team, face exciting challenges

From their well-camouflaged headquarters in a 340-square-meter Berlin factory floor Illuminati Escape fights the very old secret society of the Illuminati, which repeatedly tries to take over the world domination. The Illuminati got aware about the development of the quantum computer and try to get all the pieces of this new, groundbreaking technology into their hands.

Your mission: Stop the Illuminati!

With Illuminati Escape, you can hire as agents for three different missions that you can only manage with team spirit and by solving puzzles. It will be a race against time. You have only 60 minutes to complete your mission. Do you accept the challenge?

Cyber ​​Attack - The world's most powerful computer was stolen by the Illuminati and taken to Omsk - find it before they use it for their evil purposes.

Jackpot - A dead secret carrier, missing blueprints for the quantum computer - and a shady casino. Can you find the documents in China?

Alien Grill - An abandoned restaurant in the Nevada desert. Is it true that here once crashed an UFO and the technology of the quantum computer originates from this UFO?

Advantage from your ISIC, IYTC and ITIC

As an ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC cardholder, you will get 10 EUR discount on the regular admission fee, redeemable for one mission once, which is not combinable with other offers.

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