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HONGi: 75 EUR discount on your mattress

Discover the sloth in you!

HONGi is your first-class sleeping experience - an individually crafted top quality mattress. With the online configuration tool you are in full control of your personal ideal way of sleeping.

You have a preference for a box-spring, a visco-foam or a gel mattress? You have never ever heard any of these fancy names? In any case the HONGi “sloth” mattress, is individually adapted to your firmness or softness preference, your body parameters and even your lifestyle. Whether you are lying in your bed peeking from under a pile of textbooks, or climbing into it with a bag of popcorn for a night of binge-watching. Even if you are bent on turning night into day - your HONGi will always be there to comfort and support you. And your HONGi will even adapt to the changes in your life circumstances together with you. HONGi is the only mattress where you can easily exchange the material layers inside at any time to suit your needs.

A couple of sloths or humans will also find HONGi to be a perfect companion, with each side personalised separately in the configuration tool and then seamlessly connected under a cuddly, soft upper cover into a unique double mattress without any uncomfortable gap in the middle. Meet our sloths in the HONGi online configurator and personalize your way of sleeping.

Your ISIC advantage

With your ISIC, ITIC or IYTC you get a 75 euro discount! You can activate your voucher code in the shopping cart after you have configured your sloth mattress.

Get your discount code here. You can activate the voucher code in the shopping cart after you have configured your sloth mattress in the HONGi webshop.

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