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Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin: 20 % discount

ARISE. Grand Show. Grand Emotions.

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Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Welcome to Berlin’s #1 venue for dazzling show entertainment.
The Friedrichstadt-Palast is unique in its program. Here, the great tradition of Berlin show entertainment is carried on in an ultra-modern way. Its huge dimensions are unequaled: over 100 artists perform the largest revue shows on the biggest stage of the world! An unforgettable experience.

ARISE Grand Show

Love is stronger than time. ARISE sparks a torrent of emotions that will also tug on your heartstrings and evoke powerful and magnificent images. Poignant and moving, it overflows with hope, happiness and a joy for life. ARISE means to stand up, not to give up, to keep faith in the heart-warming power of love. Fall in love with over 100 artists on the world’s biggest theatre stage and allow us to put a contented smile on your face.
ARISE. Grand Show. Grand Emotions.

You can watch the show trailer for the new ARISE Grand Show right here

Revue shows are not musicals. Coherence is primarily achieved through visual imagery rather than narrative storytelling. Meaning they are also perfect for guests with no knowledge of German.

Your advantage as an ISIC cardholder

Get 20% off the ticket price. The offer is valid for two people till Juli 2022 and is usable for the categories 1-4.* 

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*Not valid between 24. - 31.12. and not combinable with other discounts. Please bring your ISIC to the event for showing your ISIC status.The general terms and conditions of payment of the provider apply in this case.

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